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In the vast world of soccer betting, having a good grasp of different types of bets is of utmost importance. Draw Handicap Betting, also known as level ball handicap, is one of the bets that many players find intriguing and frequently utilize. Once you understand its mechanics and rules, it can become a valuable tool to increase your chances of winning. Let's join Wintips in exploring the excitement of Draw Handicap Betting and learn how to leverage it to become a smart and successful bettor.

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What Is Draw Handicap Betting?
For soccer betting enthusiasts, Draw Handicap Betting is no longer an unfamiliar term. Known as the level ball handicap, this type of bet is typically used when two teams are evenly matched, resulting in a handicap set at 0.
Experts in soccer betting regard this bet as particularly attractive due to its relatively high winning odds. It's one of the popular Asian Handicap types with simple rules that even newcomers can easily understand and appreciate.
Draw Handicap Betting is available in many major tournaments, both domestic and international. However, it's not applicable to every match. Draw Handicap Betting is often used when:
Both teams are of similar strength, with no clear superiority, and the playing squads are evenly matched.
One team may have good overall capabilities, but their recent form is inconsistent, leading bookmakers to set the handicap at 0 instead of favoring the weaker team.
In a match where the home team has a slight edge but is still considered evenly matched with the away team, the handicap remains level.
Based on the historical head-to-head records and recent performance, bookmakers may occasionally adjust the handicap from 0.25 to 0 to balance the odds and avoid significant discrepancies.
Calculating Winnings in Draw Handicap Betting
The calculation of winnings in Draw Handicap Betting depends on the final result of the match and includes the following scenarios:
Home Team Victory: Regardless of the scoreline, if the home team (or the team listed first) wins, the bettors who placed their wagers on this team will win. This implies that those who bet on the opposing team will lose their wagers.
Match Ends in a Draw: In this scenario, regardless of whether the bettors chose the away or home team, they will receive a full refund of their wager.
Away Team Victory: When the final result is an away team victory, bettors who backed the home team will lose their wagers, while those who bet on the away team will win with odds predetermined by the bookmaker.

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Key Considerations When Playing Draw Handicap Betting
Similar to 0.5 Handicap Betting, Draw Handicap Betting isn't overly complex or challenging to play. However, to improve your winning rate, consider the following:
Few Draws in Level Ball Handicap: Most level ball handicap bets have minimal odds for a draw outcome. You can combine them with second-half handicap bets if the first half ends in a draw.
Selecting the Team with Lower Odds: If you notice that the bookmaker offers significantly lower odds for one team in Draw Handicap Betting (around 0.60 to 0.70) compared to the other, consider betting on the team with the lower odds for higher chances of winning.
Incorporate Other Bets: In situations where Draw Handicap Betting is set at 0, and the over/under 2.25 handicap bet offers odds for under, choosing the team with higher odds for under could be a strategic choice.
Live Betting Opportunities: If the handicap starts at level ball but shifts to 0.25 during the match, and the underdog leads 1-0 at half-time, continue betting on the underdog for the second half, as it can be a good option.
Winning Strategies for Draw Handicap Betting
To become a successful Draw Handicap Betting player, consider the following important strategies:
Base Your Choice on Head-to-Head History: The head-to-head history between two teams can be a deciding factor when choosing Draw Handicap Betting. Information about previous matches, including scorelines, form, and squad changes, can help you make more accurate decisions.
Consider Current Form: The recent performance of each team is also a crucial factor. A team with good recent form is more likely to win in the upcoming match, making it a wise choice for Draw Handicap Betting.
Avoid Placing Bets Too Early: While early bets might offer psychological advantages, they can also carry unnecessary risks. Information about changes in team strength, injury situations, or even weather conditions can influence the match's outcome.
Factor in Home Advantage: Don't overlook the "home advantage" factor. The home team often benefits from morale, fan support, and familiarity with the playing environment. Therefore, considering the home team in Draw Handicap Betting can be a smart choice.

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In conclusion, Draw Handicap Betting is an exciting and challenging option for soccer bettors. While it may seem somewhat complex at first, with proper knowledge and careful approaches, you can maximize your opportunities. Remember that sports betting should also be a form of entertainment and should be conducted responsibly. Bet only with the amount of money you're willing to lose and exercise prudence when making decisions.

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